Laboratory Fume Hoods

Customized to your specs – at a price comparable to our competitor’s standard products

Kinetics offers a variety of laboratory fume hood designs – one for any application and every budget – wherever hazardous fume containment is required. The major differences in Fumehood design is in the front opening technique. Kinetics offers standard solid front clear sashes which may be designed as solid sliding doors, solid piece liftup sashes or two-piece front sashes. Our two-piece front sashes are ideal for areas with limited headroom – see our illustrations on this page.

Kinetics also offers both exhausted hoods or fume hoods with HEPA or ULPA fan/filter assist, for areas where exhaust ducts are not available. Fan and air filter modules are mounted within the headcase above the work area to provide positive pressure within the work area, thereby reducing operator exposure to hazardous fumes.