Facility management: all-round protection for your facilities.

Our teams of experts provide the technical and operational experience needed to manage a variety of chemical, specialty and bulk gas supply systems worldwide. EHS plans are built into every facility design and are based on the most current data. This ensures all-round protection for your facilities. 


KINETICS' facility management teams understand your processes and can provide a variety of total chemical management (TCM) and total chemical and gas management (TCGM) services tailored to meet specific cost and operational needs.

Our portfolio includes, among others:


  • Planning and construction
  • Work- and Healthprotection
  • Equipment / tools, installation and hook-up
  • Maintenance of equipment and systems
  • Complete warehouse logistics
  • Plant operation by qualified staff directly on site
  • TCM (Total Chemical Management)
  • TCGM (Total Chemical and Gas Management)

Ongoing efficiency and cost reduction

What our customers value most about us: Thanks to our expertise, we regularly make recommendations on how to increase the efficiency of a system. This is directly reflected in the operating costs. An annual reduction in the operating costs for your system with the same efficiency is not uncommon.

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