Quartz Container

Our MEGATHERM™ line of high temperature quartz baths is designed for resist stripping and silicon nitride etching.


The MEGATHERM™ High Temperature Quartz Circulating Bath is manufactured from pure fused silica for low pollution environments and high temperature applications.

The circulating baths work together with various pneumatic diaphragm pumps. The four-way cascaded inner weir with serrated edge, TEFLON® diaphragm pump, TEFLON® filter chamber and TEFLON® tubing contribute to a safe and clean operating environment. The heater design is designed to ensure efficient heat transfer, quick bath heating, durability and longevity. Flow rates depend on tank, pump size and filter porosity.

MEGATHERM™ hotpot and nitride etch system

The MEGATHERM™ high-temperature quartz hotpot is designed to provide a low-contamination and particle-free environment. The MEGATHERM™ nitride etch process is used to selectively etch silicon nitride without simultaneously etching the silicon dioxide.


KINETICS has a very precise method of control by equipping the nitride etch system with an exclusive automatic DI water injection system that maintains constant boiling behavior and acid concentration. This is accomplished by controlling the DI solenoid as the logical component of the heater. For example, when the heater is turned off, the electromagnet turns on and vice versa. The system is also equipped with a polypropylene condensing head with TEFLON® heat exchangers, a regulator and a flow meter.


  • Molded Seamless Tank: MEGATHERM™ systems feature a seamless molded quartz inner tank that provides a low-contamination and particle-free environment
  • Secondary Containment Device: The inner quartz reservoir is protected by a flame retardant polypropylene reservoir with an exclusive flange that provides a labyrinth seal that protects the heating pads from acid fumes and overflow
  • Redundant over-temperature protection: Each MEGATHERM™ has indirect heating elements for fast and reliable heating. This is achieved through the use of external panel heaters fitted to the outside of the quartz vessel
  • The quartz tanks have two redundant safety circuits placed directly on the heating pads, a bimetallic snap action switch (automatic reset circuit) and a type J thermocouple (manual reset circuit)

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