Mission statement and values: We will act with honesty and integrity.

Our Vision

To be the most globally versatile provider and operator of the world’s best ultra-high purity chemical mixing and delivery systems, safely moving chemicals from the supply source to the process equipment.


Our Mission

To design, build, install and maintain ultra-high purity mixing, dosing, delivery systems and wet bench equipment for slurries, gas, wet chemicals, and process media, while providing unrivalled technical facility management services, enabling our high-tech customers to optimize chemical usage, minimize operating costs and improve yield.

Our core values

Empowering people to maintain uncompromising safety standards at work and in our everyday lives.


Inspire delivery of innovative quality products and services, employing best known methods, while striving for continuous improvement. 


Embrace ownership to meet our commitments to our customers and employees.


Passionately learn and share ideas and knowledge, and promote collaborative efforts across all internal and external aspects of our business.


Treat everyone with trust and respect, irrespective of age, gender, ethnicity, education, physical abilities, race, and religion. Be broad-minded and open to new ideas. 


Social Responsibility
Maintain a balance between our professional endeavours, family lives, communities, and the environment. 


Our Code of Conduct


KINETICS' core values are enshrined in our Global Code of Conduct. Some of the key points:


  • We attach great importance to ethical behaviour
  • We commit ourselves and our business partners to high standards of conduct on every project we undertake
  • We always act honestly, with integrity and in strict compliance with the law
  • We encourage our employees and business partners to question actions and report violations immediately

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