Engineering & Consulting: Best advice in advance.

Use KINETICS' expertise to make a good solution even better! For the effective evaluation of possible scenarios, we have incorporated our decades of experience into a cloud-based knowledge database that is available to you. Thanks to our knowledge of all the tools and systems on the market, we can give you comprehensive advice so that you can always find the best solution for critical process systems supporting advanced microelectronics and nanotechnology manufacturing: 


  • Process chemicals mixing, distribution and slurry systems
  • Specialty gas and bulk gas distribution systems
  • Ultrapure water, process cooling water and wastewater systems
  • Vacuum and compressed dry air
  • Hook up of production process tools and Life Safety Systems
  • Cleanroom design and architecture


At KINETICS, technical teams work alongside project management professionals to provide you with an optimal solution, whether a project is small or large. Between start and finish lies planning, budgeting and scheduling, supply planning and surveying, conceptual and detailed design, and hundreds of decision-making processes. We help you to make the right decisions.

Our services at a glance:

  • Feasibility studies for systems and plants
  • Conceptual advice
  • Technical advice
  • Cost planning

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