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KINETICS is a multi-disciplinary company with a truly global footprint. Together with our customers we develop and manufacture chemical, slurry and gas process equipment solutions for ultra-high purity applications and other critical media. Our capabilities include complete planning, design, engineering and plant construction of some of the world’s most complex and high-tech facilities.

We offer technical facility management services beginning with process planning and scheduling, equipment installation and tool hook-up. Upon request we can perform round the clock logistics and maintenance services performed by our qualified teams on-site. Therefore KINETICS meets the requirements of customers who demand the safest and most reliable plant and process solutions in the high-tech world.


Since 1973, we have around 2,000 qualified employees  who are located in more than 20 offices around the world. Our internal network of factories, laboratories, assembly and engineering workshops is equipped to serve our international customers while ensuring our close proximity to where our solutions are needed

KINETICS milestones

1973  | Foundation of Kinetic Systems, Inc.  

1975 - 1979  | Installation of an Air Product N2 pipeline through Silicon Valley

1978 | Entry into the biopharmaceutical industry. First cGMP production completed

1980 - 1990 | KINETICS follows its semiconductor customers beyond Silicon Valley

1990 - 1994 | US-wide expansion of Fab and Installation business

2006 | EMC turnkey project for BASF

2007 | Subsidiary in Saudi Arabia

2011 | Quadriga acquires KINETICS International and KINETICS USA

2016 | Foundation of KINETICS Equipment Solutions Group (KESG).

2016 | Total Fab Monitoring for Micron, Singapore

2017 | KINETICS acquires WAFAB.

2017 | Re-entry into the Chinese market

2018 | Opening of corporate headquarters in Livermore

2018 | KINETICS acquires MEGA

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