Kinetics Equipment Solutions Group: Supply and process systems for chemicals and gas.

And for slurries, surface treatments and more.


When we develop products and system solutions, we always do so against the background knowledge of the entire production process. We know the supply side just as well as the process side and we know that what matters is what arrives at the point of use.


This know-how flows into our solutions. When planning a supply solution, we take into account, for example, the pipeline speed required for the respective processes and the temperatures that occur. We prevent impermissible heating caused by circulation through appropriate cooling, we produce a homogeneous mixture through a patented system of nozzles inside the vessel, which works far more effectively than mechanical mixing.


We support the smooth operation of your production with numerous innovative solutions, as well as with our unique technical facility management, which ranges from support and supply to the maintenance of your systems and tools.

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