Kinetics Equipment Solutions Group: Supply and process systems for chemicals, gas and slurries.

And for slurries, surface treatments and more.


We develop and deliver equipment as complete system solutions that can be easily integrated into existing facilities. With expertise in global supply chains and process development, KESG also place a high priority on hardware that achieves results at point of use.  


Patented technology differentiates our equipment in the market, such as our nozzle blending system which produces homogeneous mixtures more effectively than traditional mechanical methods. We also work closely with our customers to find the right balance between speed, cost and quality to meet the needs of unique applications. 


With a global team of technical and commercial experts, KESG is also well positioned to provide local support for field service and facility management. Our product portfolio, services, and innovations are highly complementary and designed to help maximize equipment lifetime and streamline routine maintenance.

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