Aeris® – automatic and semi-automatic wet benches:


Operator safety and maximum results.

The KESG Aeris® system can be configured as a completly automated wet bench system designed for maximum equipment throughput, operator safety and ease of use. Operator error is virtually eliminated through the use of scheduling software and automated transport systems that enable highly controlled, repeatable processing of the most delicate wafer substrates.

The system's PC-based control interface enables continuous monitoring of wafer progress through the various process baths.  This in turn maximizes overall wafer throughput by monitoring the completion times of each process and automatically transporting the wafers through the successive baths. Each wafer lot is identified by a lot ID code and the process recipes are automatically downloaded to the CPU via the built-in Windows PC-based control system. The database and monitoring system can be connected to enterprise systems via a SECS II interface for real-time monitoring and data logging.

Aeris® Semi-automatic wet benches: For two or more process baths.

The semi-automated wet benches, KESG Aeris®, are designed for processes with two or more process vessels. The transfer system can be set up in a linear front-to-back or left-to-right configuration and is used for single tasks. The linear transfer systems are designed to accommodate single or dual wafer cassettes up to 200mm or a single 300mm wafer cassette. The control system includes a PLC and a color touch screen interface. The PLC is programmed to control and regulate the transport, process temperature and rinsing. The PLC has multi-level password protection and is able to save multiple process recipes. The color touch screen has multiple screens for maintenance, recipe setup, tank setup, operation and alarm status.


Servo motors are used for both horizontal and vertical movement. The servomotors, ballscrew, rails and carriages are housed in a separate compartment in the dynamometer junction box which is sealed and N2 purged to prevent any chemical attack. The sealed compartment features side or rear access doors for easy accessibility and maintenance.

The system at a glance

  • The wet stations conform to most nationally recognized standards.
  • GE 9030 series PLC with:
  • Linear motion system
  • GE View Station CE with 10″ color touch screen interface and CE based software.
  • 24″, 36″, 48″, 72″ and 96″ shell lengths
  • Polypropylene or 304 stainless steel materials of construction
  • SEMI-S2 emergency stop mushroom button
  • Photoelectric exhaust monitor with audible/visual alarms, interlocked with emergency stop
  • Liquid level sensor in junction box with audible/visual alarms linked to emergency stop
  • Main N2 and CDA pressure interlock with audible/visual alarms linked to emergency stop
  • Headgear interlock switch with emergency stop
  • N2 purged head housing
  • Cross outlet with 360° lip outlet
  • Clear PVC sliding shields
  • Teflon® N2 and DI guns
  • Polypropylene flow DI water manifold
  • Casters with leveling feet
  • Exhaust transition with muffler and collar
  • Top or rear exhaust ports

  • FM 4910 approved building materials.
  • Bench shell accessible from the back
  • Separate drains and/or containment systems
  • PVDF or Teflon® DI water distributor
  • Bench shell with extractor hood, with counterweight sash.
  • FM approved CO2 fire detection and suppression system
  • SEMI and CE Marking or other NRTL third party testing and certification
  • HEPA/ULPA air filtration
  • Lighting device
  • Windows-based PC with networking options
  • SECII/GEM or asset management type software available
  • Teflon® end effector

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