MEGA® Air Cabinet: Safe distribution of toxic and dangerous gases.


MEGA® Air Cabinet is a gas delivery system that provides a contained environment for the safe delivery of toxic and hazardous gases such as those used in semiconductor and photovoltaic manufacturing. The system is configurable for simple combustible and non-corrosive gases (e.g. O2, H2, CH4) as well as for highly corrosive, toxic and pyrophoric gases, the release of which would pose a serious hazard to people and equipment.


The system uses an automatic or manual vacuum-assisted N2 purge. Redundant safety features ensure automatic system shutdown in the event of gas leaks or other emergencies.


The gas cabinet is available in single, double and triple cylinder configurations. In dual cylinder configurations (both cylinders contain the same gas), cylinder switching occurs automatically when cylinder pressure drops to a low level.

The system at a glance

  • Automatic gas shut-off valve for emergencies
  • Space for one, two or three gas bottles
  • Vacuum-assisted rinsing when changing bottles
  • Overpressure safety shutdown
  • Modular design, easy service access

All KINETICS gas manifolds comply with the applicable guidelines of:

  • Uniform Fire Code (UFC80) and National Fire
  • Protection Agency (NFPA 318)
  • Semi S2-0200
  • NRTL List

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