KINETICS project management with unique software

The KINETICS Project Planning System (KPPS) is a unique tool that we developed ourselves, which incorporates our decades of experience in successfully handling complex projects of all kinds.


From the offer to completion, all documents and activities belonging to a project are recorded in the KPPS and can be called up at any time. KPPS works cloud-based and can therefore be reached from any end device worldwide - including by our customers, who thus always have a precise overview of the status of a project.


The almost perfect project execution known from KINETICS is based to a large extent on our KPPS. That is why even market competitors entrust us with the project management of the orders they hold.

Key features of KPPS:

  • Offers and requests for information: submission directly from the KPPS and automatic creation of a protocol
  • Daily Reports: are filled out in KPPS to have a running log of all reports
  • Component List: Link to listings to ensure only approved items are purchased
  • Drawing/Specification Libraries: Version control ensures the latest version is always used
  • Action Item Tracker: Actions can be assigned and tracked to ensure they are processed

Tracking across multiple project teams

The Isometric Tracking Log (ITL) is a powerful planning tool within the KPPS. It is used to track the progress of individual tasks across multiple project teams. The ITL documents the progress and completion of tasks in real time, for example:


  • Scheduling and milestone tracking
  • Detailed effort review
  • Prefabrication
  • Installation
  • Production progress reports
  • Personnel deployment planning
  • Approval Processes
  • Article master data
  • Orders, incoming/outgoing materials, inventory

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