MICROKLEEN™ Fast acting flushing device

MICROKLEEN™ Quick Tilt Rinses feature adjustable top spray rails, external bottom fill rails and a larger dump door. With these functions, the tipping flushers fill faster, tip within seconds and use less water. The four-sided overflow weir breaks surface tension and removes particles from the process area. The quick dump flushers are manufactured to be field retrofit without the need for any modifications to the existing plumbing system. Tilt flushers can also be used with most QDR controllers.


  • Top adjustable spray rails and external fill rails
  • Standard 360° four-sided cascading inner weir
  • Single or double folding doors
  • Hot DI compatible
  • Can be used with most existing drain flush controls
  • Polypropylene, PVDF or TEFLON® tanks
  • Fast drainage of water, residual acid and particles
  • Suitable for use of DI hot water in selected processes
  • Size for wafers from 75mm to 300mm (custom sizes are available)
  • Wafers are thoroughly rinsed with adjustable spray bars and external bottom fill bars
  • Viton standard O-ring seal (other materials on request)
  • Microprocessor control that is fully programmable and allows for multiple flush combinations
  • Field upgradeable

  • N2 injection
  • Resistance monitoring
  • Dual tilt doors for water recovery
  • Custom sizes or configurations upon request
  • Available with or without controls
  • Level sensors

MPC-301 Microprocessor Control

MPC-301 is a compact, self-contained unit that offers multiple tilting and cascade sink options. Four discrete LEDs indicate the current system status. The controller operates according to your process needs, taking into account time, liquid level and resistivity.

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