Holistic solutions for the semiconductor industry.

Since 1973, KINETICS has been an industry leader in the design, manufacture, installation, and certification of high-purity chemical, slurry, gas, and ultrapure water systems required for semiconductor and other high-technology applications—all to the highest standards.


At KINETICS, we approach every task with a clear philosophy: We want to increase the performance of your fab by guaranteeing

  • the absolute purity of the processes,
  • the highest efficiency of the new, modernized or expanded plant and
  • the safety of personnel, plant and the environment


We benefit from our comprehensive know-how, which we have gained through the development, manufacture, installation and maintenance of supply systems as well as process systems. All of our customers benefit from the resulting holistic perspective.

From the subfab to the point of use: everything from a single source.

The semiconductor industry is about the finest tolerances and the scope is tiny. This also applies to the purity, flow rates and availability of all substances required for the process. A reliable supply of high-purity process tubes is absolutely necessary in research and development as well as in production.


KINETICS has installed process and supply systems in more than 150 manufacturing facilities for 50 of the world's largest semiconductor manufacturers. One of our strengths is the turnkey design and installation of critical process systems from a single source.


Our unique project management and quality assurance processes enable us to meet our customers' most stringent requirements, whether building new fabs or expanding existing facilities.


On the shop floor, KINETICS' hook-up teams enable critical production tooling to be installed and commissioned within tight timeframes. During operations, our onsite TCM and TCGM (Total Chemical & Gas Management) teams ensure critical chemical and gas systems are operated to high standards of safety, efficiency and reliability.

KINETICS offers process systems for a range of demanding applications:

  • Chemical supply and mixing
  • Gas distribution
  • Surface preparation and wet benches
  • Slurry supply and filtration
  • Measuring Technology
  • SCADA & controls

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