Temperature Control

Temperature Regulators

Designed specifically for the semiconductor industry, the WHRV™ AND WHO™ Temperature Controlled Circulators are used to control temperature in filtered etch modules and other chemical tanks where temperature stability and uniformity is critical. The compact, one-piece design combines the heater, pump and chiller into one efficient, space-saving unit that can be placed in your service aisle or next to your wet bench. The circulation pumps are offered as a combination of heating and cooling machine or only as heating.


  • Automatic filling and refilling of the reservoir
  • Compact one-piece construction
  • Two available compressors: ¼ or ½ hp
  • Multiple heater sizes available: 1500W, 2000W or 3000W
  • Combination heating/cooling units (WHRV)
  • Heaters only (WHO)
  • Temperature range: from 10°C to 40°C
  • WHO temperature range from 41°C to 80°C
  • Temperature control up to +/- 1°C
  • Snap-action switch for over-temperature safety shutdown
  • PVDF vessel with 304 stainless steel screw-in immersion heater
  • Three level sensors (low, high and overfill)
  • The MD-30 sealless magnetic drive pump delivers 3.5 gpm at 22′ H2O
  • Can be operated from any controller or PLC

Microprocessor Based Temperature Control - 200 Series

The MPC-206 is a self-contained, fully programmable, microprocessor-based temperature controller configured exclusively for KINETICS. This controller is designed to operate the ChemKleen™ range of circulating and filter baths. The MPC-206 features a full PID control scheme, digital display and timer.


  • 10-button membrane control panel allows the operator to easily set up controls and adapt the system to changing process needs
  • The built-in timer can implement a count-up, count-down and count-through or freeze indication at the completion of timing sequences
  • A type AJ thermocouple is used to record the bath temperature
  • A solid state relay allows the controller to carry the heater load without the need for external components. The regulator features a chemical resistant Kydex housing to protect the electrical components from acidic fumes and splashes
  • The WHRV heater and cooler run simultaneously to ensure accurate temperature control
  • WHRV uses powerful compressors for rapid cool down and high heat dissipation
  • The external process tank is heated or cooled by pumping tempered water through the heat exchanger coils
  • The PVDF reservoir and safety shut-off circuits make it a safe and reliable alternative to TEFLON® electric immersion heaters in the bathroom

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