Fab simulation in the KINETICS R&D laboratory.

When installing a system, how often does it turn out that it still needs to be retrofitted in order to optimally fit into the on-site processes? We avoid this with our fab simulation, in which we build mixing and delivery systems, adapted to your current configuration, to simulate real-world conditions for chemical and slurry processes. The R&D laboratory offers a wide range of analytical capabilities to simulate and test actual chemical processes to develop more robust chemical and slurry delivery solutions.


We have the experience, expertise and analytical skills to help you develop new products and help you solve your engineering and manufacturing challenges.


A dedicated, full-time team of researchers with multidisciplinary and technical backgrounds perform the full range of application-specific device and protocol testing, process chemistry testing, materials studies and flow verification in a state-of-the-art laboratory.


We work with OEMs, IC manufacturers, chemical and slurry manufacturers to develop solutions for advanced cleaning, CMP, immersion lithography and other wet process applications and to solve liquid application challenges. We benchmark existing plant solutions as well as next-generation slurries, processes and components to identify potential performance gaps and identify solutions for process optimization.


With the KINETICS R&D Lab, you have access to an independent laboratory and a best-in-class resource outside of your production facilities that can continue to operate as normal.

Our portfolio of services

  • Mixing and dispensing systems customized to your current configuration to simulate real-world chemical and slurry testing conditions
  • Automatic titration and refilling
  • Inline concentration measurements
  • Inline densitometer, pH and conductivity probes
  • Integrated particle counter
  • Two 500-foot global distribution loops with customizable POUs for short-term or long-term testing within a distribution system
  • Particle measurement and monitoring
  • Wet chemical tests
  • PLC code development and testing
  • Component performance and reliability testing
KINETICS Leistungsportfolio Fab-Simulation

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