Surface Prep Tools and Wet Benches

Kinetics is a leading supplier of innovative surface prep tools. Kinetics specializes in the design and manufacture of both standard and custom process equipment. Our portfolio of wet benches ranges from manual to full multi-tasking automation, configured to meet your specific application requirements.

Batch immersion, spray &  single wafer applications include:

  • FEOL, BEOL or Advanced Packaging Modules
  • Cleaning, Resist Strip, Etch, Develop, Metal Lift Off, Reclaim & IPA Dry
  • Support Acid, Base and Solvent applications
  • Single or multi-cassette bath sizes
  • 100mm to 450mm silicon wafers, III-V materials, photomasks, glass & large panels
  • Custom substrates


Automated and semi-automated wet process system with production proven platform flexibility, the Aeris is designed for high volume manufacturing.


Offering manual wet benches and fume hoods, the Celera is configured to meet your process specifications.