What’s stopping you from operating the most productive facilities?

BARRIERS TO EXCELLENCE: Top clarity questions > Part 1 of 2

Microelectronics and advanced technology attract some of the best and brightest minds. Out to both excel as individuals and contribute to enterprise success, these talented women and men tend toward mastery of materials and process. That includes high purity process piping.

To design, fabricate, install and certify high purity systems for chemicals, slurries, gases and ultrapure water required for semiconductor and other advanced technology applications is difficult: So is collaborating effectively with others.

Instead of becoming expert in the subtleties of human psychology or slowing the process down to quadruple check each detail, a better path exists through focused inquiry. That means not simply ticking off action items but holding each other accountable to a higher standard.

The TOP TEN QUESTIONS to employ in implementing a system: Part 1 of 2

  1. WHERE IS THIS LEADING? What is the desired outcome of this project, stage or step for each of us?
  2. WHAT IS OUR PERFORMANCE DASHBOARD? Which metrics need to be watched more closely?
  3. WHERE ARE WE WILLING TO FLEX? How can we accommodate each other to deliver our targets given resource limitations (including time)?
  4. WHAT DATA ARE WE MISSING? What gaps need to filled to gain insight needed to make solid decisions?
  5. WHO MAKES FINAL DECISIONS? Where will we go to get approval – and authorization – for our recommendations?

Kinetics stands ready to discuss an upcoming project as part of a success-focused team.  As such, any and all questions are welcomed, particularly those that build connections early on for meaningful progress from start to finish.

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