See if safety tops the charts in your operation – PART 2

There is no higher aim than the safety of people and places. And that applies to employees, contractors, and suppliers no matter where in the world the production facility is located. With a growing portfolio of projects – and safety accolades – Kinetics takes recognition from MCAA, California Pipefitters, North Carolina, Astra Zeneca and others forward with a relentless sense of urgency.

Part 1 of SAFETY TOPS THE CHARTS hit home when evaluating Chemical Process Systems with five considerations; Personal Commitment, New Hire Orientation, Pre-Task Planning, Communication, and Site-Specific Safety Plans. Here in Part 2 are five more items that characterize the cultures of standard-setting companies.

  • INDUSTRY BEST-IN-CLASS PRACTICES help avoid more insular thinking that leans (too heavily) on history rather than being alert for current standards and methods
  • SUPPLIER INCLUSION goes beyond material handling requirements and initial process control training to learn what’s working now with specific chemicals, technology, and monitoring systems
  • BACK-TO-FRONT REVIEW takes an unconventional view of process flow to begin at the end in considering practical risks from a new vantage point while reenergizing safety audits at the same time
  • ROTATING AUDITS of tools and sub-systems breaks production into bite-sized steps and stages to put the spotlight on even the most mundane or frequently overlooked components
  • KAIZEN EVENTS apply rigor over a concentrated five-day period to move from identifying risks to taking corrective action attached to high-priority items

Toping the charts in manufacturing performance is a good – even great – accomplishment. From Kinetics’ point of view, doing the same in safety is an even better way to demonstrate leadership in any process industry.