PUT THE SMART (FACTORY) MONEY ON BETTER SCADA: See where data does the most good

Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) is a critical, nearly inescapable, component of next-generation factory automation. Not as a replacement to human planning, process management, or timely intervention, but as a means to both stabilize, then elevate, line and plant performance.

That said, the systems being utilized to capture, analyze, and report a multiplicity of data types range from primitive to elegant. From Kinetics’ experience extending from research settings to high-volume manufacturing (HVM) environments, data acquisition is close to irrelevant if the human machine interface (HMI) fails to interact effectively with field devices including pumps, valves, motors, and sensors.

To make better decisions, including how and where remote terminal units (RTUs) and programmable logic controllers (PLCs) communicate with devices and route data, an exploration of three real-time options is warranted. While connecting with a Kinetics’ team member is the next logical step, this telegraphic overview represents a strong start to your evaluation.

PLC- or PAC-based CONTROL SYSTEMS both control and automate chemical and slurry blending as well as distribution systems. Rack or distributed input/output (IO) allow internal and external networking and communications: At stake is monitoring of process-critical devices to include pumps, valves, tanks and metrology. In this scenario, the control system is built using the same software tool as system HMI. Increased functionality and flexibility are two outcomes connected to the resulting smart factory performance.

MEGAVIEW tackles SCADA with a robust suite of turnkey control, monitoring, and automation products connected to molecular delivery. It thrives on delivering systems based upon insight — for more intelligent specifications, on-line monitoring, and uptime analysis and correction on the plant floor. Additionally, monthly reports give customers confidence in their decisions across automated chemical, slurry blending, and distribution systems. A world of possibilities is reduced to high-performing recommendations formulated by Kinetics’ team of control and electrical engineers.

MEGALINK 2 is considered by some customers to be startling in its simplicity, profound in its ability to be configured right down to the safety interlocks and valves. Here, status and valve control interfacing feed the POU process equipment via advanced Ethernet communication. Dialed in to small- and large-scale factories, up to 128 different global loops get the support they warrant as redundant DC power keeps the ability to know, decide, and act within reach. From a few meters to miles away, handshake signals interface reliably and accurately.

If the relentless pursuit of intelligent factory operation is central to your team’s KPIs, Kinetics extends your reach now and in the future. With PLC Controls, MEGAVIEW, and MEGALINK, smarter performance is about probability today, along with potential in the tomorrows to come. Learn more by emailing sales@kinetics.net.