Mega SD100™

The Mega SD 100 Series supplies raw slurry to the SBD system from one of two totes/drums. As raw slurry is depleted from one tote/drum, the Mega SD 100 Series replenishes the supply from the other tote/drum.

On demand from the SBD System, one tote/drum recirculates through the raw slurry supply loop to the host until the demand is met. Manual modulation of a multi-turn flow throttling valve, located on the raw slurry loop return line, compliments the supply sub-system by maintaining a proper back pressure and flow to the blend system.

Raw slurry in the totes/drums is independently recirculated through the host system. The recirculation function operates one tote/drum while the dispense circuit discharges material from the other tote/drum. Timer set points specify the duration of circulation and period of time between circulation events.

Once the system is online and the online tote/drum is supplying the SBD system, the Mega SD 100 Series recirculates continuously. When the SBD system requires slurry, it pulls the slurry from this continuous circulation.

  • MiniPC Allen-Bradley VersaView touchscreen interface. Used to control and monitor the Mega SD 100 Series
  • Dual 1″ double diaphragm pumps standard (optional centrifugal/diaphragm pump configuration)
  • Automatic flush/purge function (optional manual control function)
  • Cabinet exhaust monitor and alarm
  • Generates humidified N2 for drum/IBC tote blanketing


  • Tote barcode reader
  • Recirculation filtration
  • Chemical flush (KOH) capability