Kinetics SB 100

System overview

The Kinetics SB 100 Slurry Blend & Dispense System is designed to provide the highest levels of CMP slurry quality and availability, for advanced semiconductor processing. Kinetic’s proven weight-based blending technology provides very tight blend specifications under a variety of blend ratios and chemical conditions. Within the slurry blending module, DI water, concentrated slurry and constituent chemicals (dispensed from independent dispense units) enter a  single blend tank residing on a precision load cell. Both gross-fill and fine-fill steps are utilized to maximize the slurry blend make-up rate. Following blend batch verification with a variety of metrology packages, the blended slurry mixture is transferred to the day tank, for subsequent dispensing to the fab. The slurry dispense module delivers the blended material with a high degree of precision relative to settling, shear sensitivity, foaming and chemical stability. Either diaphragm or magnetically levitated centrifugal dispense pumps are available, depending on the pressure control requirements of the CMP process tools.


  • Allen-Bradley SLC 500 or Siemens S7 series PLC
  • Allen-Bradley Panelview 550 or Siemens TP177B HMI, displaying:
    • System P&ID status
    • Alarm and warning screens
    • Distribution valve box status
    • Blend recipe and calibration screens, password-protected
    • System flush sequence screen, password-protected
    • Pump and filter runtime screens
    • Password-protected maintenance screens
  • Connectivity to factory control system


  • 2nd constituent blend chemical

  • Multiple slurry metrology packages (pH, conductivity, density, index of refraction and titration)

  • Magnetically-levitated centrifugal pump for slurry dispense

  • Dispense filtration

  • Distribution loop back- pressure control

  • Automated filter flush- purge operation

  • Stirrers for blend and day tanks (electric and pneumatic)

  • Radar level sensors for day tanks

  • Sample station

Key features

  • Weight-based blending technology

  • One blend tank and one day tank, various sizes

  • Diaphragm blend/dispense pumps

  • Chemical blend accuracy up to 0.005 weight %, absolute error

  • Blending of DIW, slurry and 1 chemical

  • 20 LPM nominal dispense rate

  • Humidified N2 for blanketing of source containers and day tank

  • Spray ball for DI water rinsing of blend and day tanks

  • Polyethylene and polypropylene materials-of-construction

  • Polypropylene cabinet

Safety features

  • Segregated pumping compartments for online maintenance

  • Local and remote EMO

  • Cabinet leak detection and door interlocks

  • Audible and visual warnings and alarms

  • Options for exhaust and high-flow sensors

Process flow diagrams

Configuration showing one blend tank, one day tank, redundant dispense pump, dispense filtration, and stirrer devices


  • MTBF > 4500 Hours¹
  • MTBA > 2500 Hours¹
  • MTTR < 2 Hours
  • Availability > 99.9%

¹Filter change-out not considered part of system down-time or repair time.