Slurry Delivery

As with other process media distribution systems from Kinetics, slurry delivery systems are critical to the success of leading microelectronics companies worldwide. At the core is the ability to meet requirements with a sense of urgency while continuing to uphold standards.

Through considered design and agile manufacturing, Kinetics supports the most demanding chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) processes being performed today.  The key is planning for anticipated irregularities like materials variances, operating conditions, and personnel supervising the process.

Kinetics’ extensive experience in both designing and delivering high precision slurry systems is well documented. Whether delivering pre-mixed slurry materials or blending and dispensing extremely challenging slurry mixtures, Kinetics is prepared to respond. This includes highly critical oxide, tungsten, polysilicon, STI, and copper CMP slurry processes.

Kinetics SB 100

CMP slurry quality and availability are at the forefront of Kinetics SB 100 Slurry Blend & Dispense system. Designed for advanced semiconductor processing, the SB 100 brings repeatability and optimized maintenance requirements to a demanding production environment. Featuring the Kinetics proven weight-based blending and slurry measurement methodologies, the SB 100 is a highly-effective system built for extended, high-volume use.

Kinetics SB 200

When critical CMP process requirements must be met –- or exceeded — the Kinetics SB 200 Slurry Blend & Dispense dual-tank system is on the scene with accurate, reliable blending technology. Built on a proven Kinetics technology platform, it features exceptional weight-based blending and slurry measurement methodologies. Agile and adaptive, the SB 200 supports a range of blend ratios, constituents and slurry shelf-life requirements.

Kinetics SD 100

The Kinetics SD 100 Slurry Dispense System is a reliable and configurable dispense system for critical slurry and CMP process applications. To ensure availability of slurry dispensed to the fab, it adapts to single- or dual-source containers for dispensing pre-mixed slurry to the CMP polisher tools, or an optional day tank that accommodates contents of multiple supply drums.