Slurry Delivery

As with other process media distribution systems from Kinetics, slurry delivery systems are critical to the success of leading microelectronics companies worldwide. At the core is the ability to meet requirements with a sense of urgency while continuing to uphold standards.

Through considered design and agile manufacturing, Kinetics supports the most demanding chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) processes being performed today.  The key is planning for anticipated irregularities like materials variances, operating conditions, and personnel supervising the process.

Kinetics’ extensive experience in both designing and delivering high precision slurry systems is well documented. Whether delivering pre-mixed slurry materials or blending and dispensing extremely challenging slurry mixtures, Kinetics is prepared to respond. This includes highly critical oxide, tungsten, polysilicon, STI, and copper CMP slurry processes.


Mega SD50™

The Mega SD50 Series Slurry Distribution System feeds raw slurry to a Mega Slurry Blend and Distribution (SBD) system. The Distribution system is configured to continuously circulate raw slurry from two drums/totes to and from the SBD system.

Mega SD100™

The Mega SD 100 Series supplies raw slurry to the SBD system from one of two totes/drums. As raw slurry is depleted from one tote/drum, the Mega SD 100 Series replenishes the supply from the other tote/drum.
On demand from the SBD System, one tote/drum recirculates through the raw slurry supply loop to the host until the demand is met. Manual modulation of a multi-turn flow throttling valve, located on the raw slurry loop return line, compliments the supply sub-system by maintaining a proper back pressure and flow to the blend system.


Mega SF100™

The Mega SF100 Series system consists of three pairs of 20” filter bowl/head assemblies configured to permit simultaneous filtration of blended slurry material from a single or dual source, and to dispense to two global loops; one pair of filters is associated with each loop discharge, while the third pair of filters is used to maintain loop supply when filter cartridge change-out is required.

Mega SF200™

The Mega SF 200 Series system consists of two successive 20” filter bowl/head assemblies on a single bank. One filter bank is active, leaving the remaining bank in standby. The standby filter bank is brought online and filled with slurry to enable the online filter bank to be brought offline when filter cartridge change-out is required.

Mega SF300™

The Mega SF 300 Series system consists of two 20” filter bowl/head assemblies on one bank, automatic valves to control the flow of slurry, and a set of pressure gauges to read filter inlet and outlet pressures. Multiple configurations are available using the two filter elements: series, parallel, and a combination of series and parallel.


OWN THE FLOW: Slurry delivery is a hidden advantage of microelectronics leaders

Leadership in the globally competitive world of microelectronics starts with a dual mindset. It requires the ability to see the forest while counting — and harvesting — the trees. The combination of an outward-facing view and internal performance management is uncommon in the industry, and requires technology collaborators attuned to this duality.

With a literal world of process experience to bring forward, Kinetics applies its resources at both levels. Slurry delivery is one expression of a focus on mission-critical manufacturing systems (the ‘trees’) in microelectronics manufacturing. Maintaining and exceeding the requirements of chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) processes centers on anticipating irregularities.

Variables like materials variances, operating conditions, and personnel are factored into the slurry distribution platforms that are available from the minds of Kinetics. At least five expressions of performance-based systems move from delivery through filtration even as HVM gains a stronger hold inside dedicated plants.

FEED THE PROCESS: MEGA SD50 propels raw slurry to a Mega Slurry Blend and Distribution (SBD) system as its configuration continuously circulates it to and from two containers connected to the SBD system. Status indictors, alarms, and fail-safe operating protocols are automated to maximize uptime delivery.

CONTROL EVERY INPUT: MEGA SD100 shifts from a now-utilized tote or drum to a second container while an on-demand mode recycles one tote or drum through the loop to the host until demand is satisfied. Proper backpressure and flow rates to the blend system are tuned through manual modulation in the SD1000.

CONSIDER THE SOURCE: MEGA SF100 deploys three pairs of 20” filter bowl and head assemblies orchestrated to enable simultaneous filtration of blended slurry material from a single or double sources: A third set of filters allows cartridge change-out, while auto functions and alarms turn a burden into increased control.

GO GLOBAL: MEGA SF200 musters two filter banks to permit isolation of a single filter bank, cartridge change-out as required, and slurry delivery to the global loop supply if advantageous. Two successive 20” filter and bowl head assemblies on a single bank are built for the stage filtration of slurry in a trio of high-performance configurations.

GET SERIOUS WITH THE SERIES: MEGA SF300 allows single, parallel, or combination delivery with Models 101, 201, and 301. A pair of 20” filter and bowl head assemblies characterize the trio, as do automatic flow control valves along with a pressure gauge array to read filter inlet and outlet pressure.

So the question becomes, “Where from here?” As a growing list of industry-leading and award-winning Kinetics’ customers has demonstrated, the devil may be in the details; the same ones that vex underperformers and reward the visionary and vigilant. To turn slurry delivery into a strength, simply click now.