Chemical Delivery

The Kinetics CD 100 and CD 200 chemical delivery systems serve a wide variety of process requirements for microelectronic, solar and other precision manufacturing applications. Our proven design concepts, carefully chosen components, and reliable software make the Kinetics bulk chemical equipment among the best in the world.

The Kinetics CD 100

The Kinetics CD 100 chemical dispense system is a simple, low-cost chemical transfer and dispense system. The system is very configurable, to provide the specific levels of flow and purity that meet the client’s tool and process requirements.

The Kinetics CD 200

The Kinetics CD 200 chemical dispense system provides safe, pure and reliable distribution of process chemicals to critical semiconductor and photovoltaic process modules. The system features fully redundant pumping modules and several modes of chemical recirculation and filtration, to deliver acid, caustic and solvent chemicals with the highest purity levels possible. The CD 200 system delivers the best levels of precision and robustness required for sensitive process operations.