Process Media Distribution Systems

With over 1,500 process media systems installed worldwide, Kinetics is a leading provider of system design, manufacturing, installation and qualification for chemical blend and delivery, slurry delivery, gas and UPW and water purification systems and valve manifold boxes.

chemical delivery

Chemical delivery modules from Kinetics are configurable, reliable and cost effective as a replacement for existing equipment or installation in new fabs. With state-of-the-art dispense technology, ergonomic maintenance features and a wide range of flow/pressure capabilities, our chemical dispense tools are available for a variety of applications.

chemical blend

Kinetics has produced chemical blending/dilution equipment for the semiconductor industry since the early 1990’s. Our system options provide a winning combination of blending accuracy and capacity required to meet a variety of fab process and productivity requirements.

slurry delivery

Kinetics has extensive experience designing and delivering highly-precise systems for the most critical oxide, tungsten, polysilicon, STI and copper CMP processes. Systems are available for dispensing pre-mixed slurry materials, or for blending and dispensing very challenging slurry mixtures.

Gas Distribution

Our gas distribution products have a proven record for 200 and 300 mm wafer fabrication and also thin-film and silicon-based photovoltaic manufacturing. We also can design and manufacture a variety of gas purification and liquid-gas dispense systems, for custom manufacturing operations.