Mega SA100™

The Mega SA100 Automatic Titration and Replenishment System (ATRS) controls the percentage of a specific substance found in a mixture. For example, the system is often programmed to control the percentage of H2O2 found in slurry. This substance slowly decreases in the mixture over time and must be strictly monitored and replenished as necessary.

The system uses a programmable recipe to carry out the sampling and replenishing. These recipes include steps for delays, purges to clean lines, sample extraction, and constituent replenishment.

Quantitative chemical concentration is obtained with the ATRS. Full on-line chemical monitoring allows analysis of chemical in the blend, thus providing input to blend composition control during consumption to maintain proper concentration.

Product yields are increased when a quantitative process composition is known. Variations that can affect product quality are immediately apparent and can be quickly correct before loss of product quality.

  • A proven reliability of 99.9% availability with a MTBF > 5000 hours
  • Semi S2 compatible
  • Samples and analyzes multiple streams, including raw chemical supply
  • Improve process reproducibility and uniformity
  • Improve process knowledge
  • Insurance against batch loss
  • Low and high chemical concentrations can be analyzed with multiple on-board reagents
  • Optional on-board batch/tool replenishment system using results of analyzer as input

Mega SA200™

The SA20 Series Particle Analysis system (PMS 5200 and PCMB inclusive) provides stationary or portable particle size and/or distribution analysis. Systems include dilution control and flush mechanisms to maintain uptime and accuracy. Flush features can support either DI or chemical flush media. Configurations may contain a single or dual laser sensor. Stationary systems can be configured to provide output to dedicated PC or to the integrated IPC in an SBD tool.

A dedicated system specifically designed for large particle sizing (LPC) is also available providing size, quantity, and distribution of all process streams with no dilution required. As an LPC device, it will provide accurate readings for particles of 1 micron and larger.

These systems can assist in monitoring:

  • raw material, batch to batch changes
  • filter performance
  • long-term batch degradation
  • other operating performance parameters.

Mega SA300™

Using infrared, refractometry, and ultrasonic techniques, the SA300 PCMB performs chemical concentration measurement in real time. These techniques are non-sample destructive, so the devices can be placed on the primary process lines of the supply, or when present return circuits of chemical process tools without harming the health or chemical character of the fluid. These in-line chemical concentration systems can also be applied on slipstreams to allow for additional economy of use through the service of multiple analysis points with a single analyzer.