Process Control Through Measurement

Chemical metrology is the science of measuring precise amounts of components that make up a mixture. In the semiconductor industry, chemical metrology is critical for developing and maintaining consistent recipes for successful manufacturing processes.

For example, chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) processes use slurries of varying consistency and particle size. Chemical metrology systems are integrated into the manufacturing process flow as part of the CMP steps to enable in-line monitoring that to maintain proper concentrations of a slurry’s composition.

Kinetics’ family of inline chemical metrology tools are designed to support CMP processes in different ways, from monitoring and replenishing mixture components, to particle size and distribution analysis, to real-time concentration measurement. Together, this suite of products maintains the integrity of chemical formulations throughout the CMP process.

Mega SA100™

The Mega SA100 Automatic Titration and Replenishment System (ATRS) controls the percentage of a specific substance found in a mixture. For example, the system is often programmed to control the percentage of H2O2 found in slurry. This substance slowly decreases in the mixture over time and must be strictly monitored and replenished as necessary.

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Mega SA200™

The SA200 Series Particle Analysis system (PMS 5200 and PCMB inclusive) provides stationary or portable particle size and/or distribution analysis. Systems include dilution control and flush mechanisms to maintain uptime and accuracy. Flush features can support either DI or chemical flush media. Configurations may contain a single or dual laser sensor. Stationary systems can be configured to provide output to dedicated PC or to the integrated IPC in an SBD tool.

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Mega SA300™

Using infrared, refractometry, and ultrasonic techniques, the SA300 PCMB performs chemical concentration measurement in real time. These techniques are non-sample destructive, so the devices can be placed on the primary process lines of the supply, or when present return circuits of chemical process tools without harming the health or chemical character of the fluid. These in-line chemical concentration systems can also be applied on slipstreams to allow for additional economy of use through the service of multiple analysis points with a single analyzer.