Temperature Control Units

Temperature Controlled Recirculating Equipment


General Information

Kinetics manufactures a complete line of circulators for precision temperature control and low maintenance. WHRV and WHO are specifically designed for the semiconductor industry and used to control temperature in filtered etch modules and other chemical tanks where temperature stability and uniformity are vital. The compact one piece construction combines the heater, pump, and chiller in an efficient space saving unit that can be placed in your service aisle, or next to your wet bench. The circulators are offered as a combination of heater and chiller or just heater.


  • Auto-fill and replenish for the reservoir
  • Compact one piece construction
  • Two available compressors: ¼ or ½ HP
  • Multiple heater sizes are available: 1500w, 2000w or 3000w.
  • Combination heater/chiller units (WHRV)
  • Heater only units (WHO)
  • WHRV temperature range from 10°C to 40°C
  • WHO temperature range from 41°C to 80°C
  • Temperature control to +/- 1°C
  • Snap switch for over-temperature safety shut off circuit.
  • PVDF reservoir with 304 stainless steel screw-in style immersion heater.
  • Three liquid level sensors (low, high and over-fill)
  • The MD-30 seal-less, magnetic drive pump, provides 3.5 gpm @ 22′ H2O.
  • May be operated from any controller or PLC

Microprocessor-based Temperature Control – 200 Series

The MPC-206 is a self-contained, fully programmable, microprocessor based temperature controller that has been configured exclusively for Kinetics. This controller is designed to operate the ChemKleen line of recirculating and filtered baths. The MPC-206 has a full PID control scheme, digital display, and timer. A 10 key membrane face panel allows the operator to easily set up the controller and adjust the system to meet changing process requirements. The built-in timer is capable of implementing a count-up, count-down, and count-thru or freeze display at completing of timing sequences. A J type thermocouple is used to sense bath temperature and a solid state relay enables the controller to carry the heater load without the need for any external components. The controller has a chemical resistant kydex enclosure to protect the electrical components from acid fumes and splashes.


  • The WHRV heater and chiller run simultaneously to provide accurate temperature control.
  • Powerful compressors are used with WHRV for rapid cool down and high heat extraction.
  • Heating or cooling of the external process tank is accomplished by temperature controlled water being pumped through the heat exchange coils.
  • The PVDF reservoir and safety shut-off circuits make it a safe and reliable alternative to the in-bath Teflon® electric immersion heaters.


  • Electrical configurations: 120/208/230 vac, 50/60Hz main power supply.
  • Safety circuit relays N/O or N/C
  • Control voltage 24 vac or vdc
  • Microprocessor Temperature Controller – MPC-200 Series



1Refrigerant Options

  • 1/4 HP Compressor – 115V/60HZ  : (Insert number 1 into configuration)
  • 1/2 HP Compressor – 208-230V/50/60HZ  : (Insert number 2 into configuration)

Customer Notice: Anytime process drops below 22 Degree C,

35% Glycol mixture should be added to the reservoir tank (PVDF)

2. Autofill & Replenish options

  • None: (Insert number 1 into configuration)
  • Autofill & Replenish:   (Insert number 2 into configuration)

3. Electrical Options

  • 115V/60HZ:   (Insert number 1 into configuration)
  • 208-230V/50/60HZ:  (Insert number 2 into configuration)

4. Temperature Control Options

  • MPC Controller: (Insert number 1 into configuration)
  • Other: (Insert number 2 into configuration)
  • None/Stand Alone: (Insert number 3 into configuration)

5. Heater Options

  • 1500 Watt / 120V:  (Insert number 1 into configuration)
  • 3000 Watt / 208V:  (Insert number 2 into configuration)

6. Control Relay Options

  • 24 VDC: (Insert number 1 into configuration)
  • 24 VAC: (Insert number 2 into configuration)
  • 120 VAC: (Insert number 3 into configuration)
  • Other: (Insert number 4 into configuration)

7.  Flow Pump Options

  • MD30/115V: (Insert number 1 into configuration)
  • MD30/220V:  (Insert number 2 into configuration)

8. Refrigerant Options

  • Standard:  (Insert number 134A into configuration)


  • 1/4HP Compressor Heater Capacity(Normal): 1500 Watts (2550 BTU/HR)
  • 1/2HP Compressor Heater Capacity(Normal): 3000 Watts (4900 BTU/HR)
  • Power Cord-Standard length 10ft. total from inside-outside (specified custom length additional cost)

Optional Part Numbers not mentioned in WHRV Quote

  • P/N: 2000-0590 –  Logic Cord- Standard length 10ft. (Specified custom length additional cost)
  • P/N: 2000-0591 – A Cord- Standard length 10ft. (Specified custom length additional cost)
  • P/N: 2000-0592 –  B Cord- Standard length 10ft. (Specified custom length additional cost)