Recirculating Baths

ChemKleen Center Feed™ Recirculating and Filtered Bath

General Information

For over 45 years, Kinetics has provided economical solutions for wafer processing. In 1979, with the help of a leading chip manufacturer, the former WAFAB International, pioneered and developed the first Center Feed recirculating and filtered bath for the semiconductor industry. The Chemkleen bath is primarily used for HF, BOE, and KOH applications but can be used with most acids. Kinetics’ standard recirculating and filtered baths are available as complete units that include the tank assembly with the removable four sided cascading inner weir, heat exchange coils, pump/motor assembly with filter chamber, two polypropylene pneumatic drain valves, a clear PVC lid and holding slots.


Tank Assembly

Kinetics’ Chemkleen tank assembly can be constructed of Polypropylene, PVDF, and many FM 4910 Approved materials. Standard tanks are sized for single and dual wafer cassettes ranging in size from 100mm to 300mm. Custom tanks are also available

Four Sided Weir Basket

WAFAB pioneered the removable four sided cascading inner weir with leveling screws back in 1981. Along with the dual sparger rails and large flow channel, this design provides the highest flow rates and uniform laminar flow thought the wafer carrier thus providing better etch rates, and lowest particle count in the process area.

Heat Exchange Coils

The Polyethylene or Teflon heat exchange coils are placed on the outside of the process weir (outside of the weir basket) to prevent the contamination of the wafer compartment. The heat exchange coils are spark tested, and pressure tested to ensure no pinhole leaks. Material selection is determined upon chemistry and temperatures.

Filter Chamber

Kinetics’ customized filter chamber is made of pure, non-filled monomer polypropylene or PVDF and has a removable cap that utilizes acme threads to eliminate cross threading. The filter chamber is machined to fit all 10 inch, single open end filter elements that use .222 o-rings. The pump/filter assembly is easily removed from the process tank, and the pump assembly is quickly separated from the filter chamber to facilitate service and reduce down time.

Compact Immersion Pump

Kinetics provides custom designed pump motors that provide the most horsepower and torque in a compact size. There are three pump motors that are available (1/8, 1/3, and 1/2 hp). Each motor comes standard with a high grade epoxy coating that is resistant to acid fumes and splashes.