MEGATHERM Hotpot and Nitride Etch

General Information

The Kinetics MEGATHERM™ High Temperature Quartz Hot Pot is manufactured with pure fused quartz for low contamination environments and high temperature applications with three important considerations in mind: safety, reliability and clean operation. The MEGATHERM Nitride Etch is used to selectively etch silicon nitride without etching the silicon dioxide. Kinetics maintains a very accurate method of control by designing its nitride etch with an exclusive, automatic DI water injection system that maintains a constant rolling boil and acid concentration. This is accomplished by controlling the DI solenoid as a logical component of the heater. For example, when the heater is off, the solenoid is on and vice versa. The system is also furnished with a polypropylene condensing head with TEFLON® heat exchange coils, a regulator and a flow meter.


Molded Seamless Tank

MEGATHERM systems are designed with a seamless, molded quartz inner tank, delivering a low contamination and particle-free environment.

Secondary Containment Tank

The inner quartz tank is protected by a flame retardant polypropylene containment tank with an exclusive flange design that offers a labyrinth style seal protecting the heater pads from acid fumes and overflow.

Redundant Over Temperature Safety

Each MEGATHERM has indirect heating elements for fast and reliable heating. This is accomplished by using external panel heaters mounted to the outside of the quartz tank. The quartz tanks have two redundant safety circuits that are placed directly on the heater pads. The first one is a bi-metallic snap switch and the second is a J type thermocouple. The bimetallic switch is an auto-resetting circuit, and the J type thermocouple is a manual reset circuit.

Other Features

  • N2 Liquid level sensor with back pressure switch, regulator and flow meter.
  • Drain or no drain option
  • Electrical Service:120/208/240 VAC, Single Phase or Three Phase, 50/60Hz.
  • 10:1 TEFLON® dilution drain valve option