Pump Station

General Information

Our Chemblast™ series of pump stations are designed for situations where there is no AWN available, or the process tool is located away from the AWN. The pump stations collect spent chemistry from a dedicated tool, then pump it to the AWN or to a collection point. The standard pump stations are manufactured from natural polypropylene or 304 stainless steel. The pump stations come standard with 110% secondary containment, level control, and five pumps to chose from.


  • Single or dual pump configurations
  • Inlet fitting: 1″ to 2″ fnpt
  • Outlet fitting: ¾” to 1.25″ fnpt
  • Control panel with manual override, and audio and visual alarms.
  • Pumps have minimal dry run capability.
  • Multiple liquid level detection sensors with dry contact alarm outputs.
  • Pump motors are 120/208 vac, single phase, 50/60 hz
  • Motor contactor included with ½ hp, 120 vac pumps and above.
  • Five vertical centrifugal pumps to choose from to meet your process requirements (1/4 hp, ½ hp, ¾ hp, 1 hp, and 1.5 hp).

Optional Features

  • CPVC, PVDF and FM 4910 approved materials.
  • Pump cover box with 2″ fnpt for secondary containment line.
  • 3 phase pump motors
  • Sight glass
  • Integral strainer with support