Chemical Pump Cart

Kinetics offers several different types of chemical carts for almost any operation requiring the removal, storage and dispensing of fluids. Our experience in fluid handling ranges from injection of milliliters of chemicals to hundreds of gallons of fluids, including hazardous materials. Within this page, we will feature the more typical chemical carts as used in the microelectronics industry, especially in critically clean assembly and processing areas in such areas as wafer fabrication and processing, solar cell and LED substrates processing , medical device testing and fabrication – wherever a cost-effective tool is needed for simple and safe chemical handling.

The design or these tools is based on many years’ experience working with our customers in developing the most cost-effective tools for these types of applications. You may choose from several different field-proven designs or Kinetics will customize any tool to your preference.

There are several options to consider when selecting the tool which is the best compromise between your needs and your available budget. The following of the decision points for such products:



Kinetics offers a variety of standard materials including the most popular materials such as: polypropylene, PVDF or Teflon (PFA). These materials are selected on the basis of the need for the superior heat and chemical resistance properties of PVDF and Teflon for handling of acids. From the majority of applications standard cost-effective polypropylene is adequate for use as both the external shell of the chemical carts as well as the internal storage unit(s).



When considering mobile carts it is usually not practical to attempt to move more than 30 gallons of any fluid in a mobile cart.  An example of a single 30-gallon solvent container is shown at right. As shown in the illustration there is an internal 30 gallon container which is housed within a polypropylene cart. In the example shown a pneumatic pump is used for fluid pump-out and/or dispensing. An operation switch mounted on the operator panel allows for change of pump direction. A hand wand allows the operator to place the wand is a tank and either pump out fluid from the tank or pump in fluids to the tank. The internal tank within the chemical cart may therefore be used as either a chemical removal storage tank and/or a chemical dispensing tank.



Kinetics offers different types of pumps to be built into the custom designed and configured chemical cart. Pneumatic pumps are very popular for many customers who will use carts in a Clean Room or similar production area where CDA lines are readily available. Pneumatic pumps are usually preferable in cases where flammable solvents are handled. An air line is connected to the pump cart, which could utilize Quick Disconnect type fitting for simple attachment/detachment technique and then air is used to run the pump. Similarly an electric motor may be mounted within the cart. Kinetics will select an appropriate type and size of pump after the customer identifies the chemicals to be handled.


Chemical carts are not usually third party inspected or rated however Kinetics makes every effort to design and build a product which is safe to use. Kinetics provides designs that feature secondary containment space for spilled chemicals, locking wheeled casters, explosion-proof motors and other features as requested by our customers.

Our concept is to offer customized equipment which exactly match your needs and requirements. By customizing each product we are able to reduce costs by excluding unnecessary features and including specific requirements that result in cost efficiencies. By combining pumping functions, enlarging storage tanks and other design strategies Kinetics is able to reduce product duplication, increase function within space constraints and offer similar design efficiencies that result in superior form, fit and functions for our customers.