Bottle Wash Stations

General Information

Kinetics designed its standard bottle wash station to clean and hold up to 8 one- gallon bottles. The wash station consists of two independent horizontal bottom spray rails with 4 vertical spray towers that assist in sliding the bottles. The independent spray rails allow you to clean 4 or 8 bottles simultaneously. Dual top spray rails are used to wash the outside of the bottles. An on/off digital controller is used to set process parameters and open and close the pneumatic water valves. A clear PVC lid is included


  • Materials of Construction: Polypropylene and/ or 304 Stainless Steel.
  • Shell lengths can be 24″, 36″, 48″, 72″ or 96″
  • 8 bottle capacity (Larger or smaller units are available).
  • Semi S2 EPO (emergency power off) mushroom switch and circuitry.
  • Photohelic exhaust monitor with audio/visual alarms interlocked with the EPO switch.
  • Plenum liquid level sensor with audio/visual alarms interlocked with the EPO switch.
  • Lid interlocked with EPO switch
  • Plenum exhaust
  • MPC-301 24 vac process controller
  • Removable polypropylene perforated holding tray for chemical bottles.
  • Polypropylene water manifold
  • Polypropylene pneumatic water valves
  • 2″ FNPT main plenum drain
  • Exhaust collar, top or back location
  • Casters with leg levelers

Optional Features

  • FM 4910 approved materials of construction
  • PVDF or TEFLON® water manifold
  • PLC control with touchscreen interface
  • FM approved C02 fire detection and suppression system