Refurbished Process Equipment

Kinetics is a leader in design, manufacture and installation of process equipment. We provide installation, start-up, troubleshooting, spare parts, system retrofits, upgrades, maintenance and repair service for process equipment. In addition to our own tools, we have extensive experience in refurbished process equipment.

Kinetics supports multiple manufactured process systems and can work with you to optimize your tool investment. As an example, we sell completely refurbished FSI Systems to meet your specifications. To extend a system’s reliability and operational life, we can provide our expert service team to refurbish tools that have been purchased in a secondary market or refurbish your existing tools.

From our experienced engineers and technicians, who have worked extensively with FSI Systems inside a fab environment, we can replicate or enhance their operational functionality by replacing or upgrading system components. Allow us to leverage our expertise to add value to your equipment and operations