Automated Solar Process

Automated Silicon Wafer Cleaning & Wet Process Systems


The Kinetics “Solar Queen” series of automated wet process systems, provides an easy to operate, completely automated processing system designed for chemical processing and cleaning of solar cell substrates. Carriers are simply loaded and unloaded by the operators and the Solar Queen control system and automated handling equipment will process 100 or 200 piece loads automatically.

Our 30 years of equipment building expertise in the IC industry provide customers with a robust and reliable solar cell process system. Our engineering teams will provide process assistance as well as a custom-designed equipment configuration that will meet your budget and throughput requirements

Chemical processing of solar cells – typically 125² or 156² mm polysilicon squares; post wire saw clean, final critical clean, surface preparation, etching, plating, etc.

Our equipment is designed and manufactured in accordance with most major codes including NEC, NFPA, FM 4910 and SEMI requirements. Only the highest quality subassemblies are used, most are UL approved. Third-party certification is available upon request. Modular design principles are utilized so that tank arrangements may be changed or modified as needed. Each system is customized for each customer.

1600 slices per hour – dual cassette (100 pcs. per cassette) load with 10 min. process time – throughput times vary according to maximum load and required process times.

PLC-based with PC interface controllers are used which allow for recipe-driven processes – requiring minimal operator interface. Recipes may be changed or modified as process requirements change.

Facilities required: 
(typical) 208-220VAC; CDA: 60 psig; DI Water: 20 gpm; Exhaust: 150 cfm per linear foot of bench.

Process Assistance: 
Kinetics will set up a test line and process devices per your intended chemical recipe. Various chemical mixtures will be suggested if the customer does not already have a Process of Record. Kinetics recommends the use of cost-effective “green” chemistries and gases – nontoxic and noncorrosive – whenever possible.

Sample Deck Layout (Top View)