Product Overview

Kinetics is a global technology leader providing innovative equipment solutions with exceptional customer service to meet our client’s specific application needs. With over 3,000 equipment installations worldwide, our decades of experience in the design, fabrication and installation of advanced process tools supports the following markets:

  • Semiconductor
  • Life Sciences & Medical Device
  • Solar & Energy Storage
  • Data Storage
  • Emerging Technologies

Global locations in Europe, North America and Asia, house experienced technicians knowledgeable of best practices and SOP’s, while dedicated QA/QC inspection and final test teams ensure Kinetics manufacturing and quality is kept to the highest of standards. Kinetics is ISO certified (ISO 9001:2000) and meets all FDA manufacturing qualifications.

chemical process systems

Kinetics has a 25-year history of proven designs and install base of advanced chemical process systems for a variety of applications, markets and customers.

Process Media Distribution Systems

Kinetics’ extensive experience designing and delivering highly-precise systems includes delivery and dispense solutions for the most critical applications using chemical, slurry and gas technologies.

Facility Support Systems

Kinetics designs and manufacturers an extensive line of specialty products to meet customers’ semiconductor manufacturing needs, including chemical carts, carboys, chillers and lift stations.


Turn your requirements into performance advantages by working with Kinetics. Anywhere.

Searching online for process system options reveals names and platforms that few have ever implemented. At the same time, the Kinetics name increasingly appears as the international installed base continues to grow. And as performance and safety awards are granted by long-term customers as well as recent adapters.

Still, the “why” part of the equation may not be as obvious, particularly for those with project specifications that appear to defy the norm. Or with timetables which may be described as aggressive (if not outrageous). In truth, Kinetics’ patience in helping new customers bring their platforms and processes online is exceeded only by the wide-ranging capabilities of the company.

By way of background, consider this brief, credibility-provoking thumbnail of Kinetics;

  • Founded in 1973, acquired WAFAB Wet Process Equipment in 2017 followed by MEGA Fluid Systems in 2018
  • Headquartered in Livermore CA with over 3,000 employees, $400 M in revenue and debt-free status with over 20 regional offices
  • Serving seven technology markets with nine major families of products and services
  • Representing the spectrum of automation from manual to semi-automated and fully automated
  • Leading tool and design platforms for Chemical Process Systems, Process Media Distribution Systems and Facility Support Systems
  • Recognized for process efficiency, quality assurance, reliability, and adaptability. and easy integration into new, existing or expanded lines

With such wide-ranging capability and financial stability, Kinetics is freed up from advocating one solution, a single tool or a limited range of control options. As a result, there are five questions any production, engineering or operations executive can explore with a team member.

Question #1: Where do you need to upgrade yields, performance or cost structures?

Question #2: How far do you want to go with automation, based upon labor availability and volume requirements?

Question #3: Is there a need to account for changing products, chemistry, or process methods in coming years?

Question #4: Has a performance dashboard of metrics been established yet around a fabrication initiative?

Question #5: Will getting a skilled, experienced and stabile collaborative partner – Kinetics – involved now pave the way for improved outcomes?

With expanding capabilities including MEGA’s chemical lab and stainless cabinets constructed to precise standards in Germany, Kinetics vocabulary continues to grow to include ‘seamless cabinets’ and platforms rooted in extended wet-bench modules. All while offering ground-up engineering, customization, and production tool modules ready for integration.

Advantages waiting to be seized. Documented performance standards ready to be achieved. No wonder that more development labs as well as high volume manufacturers call upon Kinetics; everywhere in the world.

To learn more about the Kinetics capabilities connected to your project, email