New chemical supply line H17

Infineon’s wet chemical lifeline beats

As a “wet chemical lifeline”, the new chemical supply line supplies more than 50 systems with the necessary media in the production areas of Halls 16 and 17. With the completion of the newly installed distribution network in building 17, Facility Management Regensburg is making a further contribution to a more stable fab.  In December 2020, the project was successfully completed after a complex planning and implementation phase.

from left to right: Mike Lachmann (Kinetics, construction manager), Dieter Eichenseher (Kinetics, trade manager chemistry), Claudia Faiß (Infineon, headof department FM DPS), Matthias Adam (Infineon, trade manager FOR FMDPS)

The planning started five years earlier, in the spring of 2015. Under very cramped conditions, a suitable route for a total of 17 different media, including hydrofluoric acid, ammonia or hydrogen peroxide, had to be found without obstructing access to other infrastructure lines and equipment. In addition, the escape route concept as well as the fire protection requirements had to be taken into account.

An important component of the new chemical main line is the monitoring and shut-off system. In the future, this will enable the affected media to be switched off immediately in the event of a leak, thus preventing further damage. With the new safety distribution cabinets, it is now possible to switch off sections or individual equipment.

Not only space-saving, but also a real eye-catcher is the double-tube laying technology from Kinetics, in which, among other things, up to 750 elbows had to be bent by expert hands. This type of installation technology was used for the first time at the Regensburg site and has since proven itself in further new installations, especially in the area of confined space. This system currently meets the highest security standard.

During the six-month construction phase, more than 4000 metres of protective pipes and PFA hoses were installed.  In May 2018, after an extensive qualification process, the first productive conversion to the new main chemical line was finally launched. Since the changes were carried out in the ongoing production operation, each action required a great deal of coordination and coordination between all parties involved. More than 20 enclosing measures were carried out without any impact on production.

At the beginning of December 2020, all consumers were supplied via the new main chemical line. The next step is to dismantle the “old” supply road. The newly created space in Basement Hall 17 will then be used for further modernisation measures in the area of infrastructure.