Installation, Testing & Process Validation

We Go Beyond Basics

When it comes to the installation and set-up of precision equipment used in semiconductor, solar and other advanced technology manufacturing, there is no such thing as plug and play.

Even the smallest inaccuracies can lead to catastrophic results. That’s why testing and process validation are the most critical steps in the equipment installation process.

Technology manufacturing facilities must adhere to regulatory agency requirements for safety, quality, procedures, performance testing, safety checks, etc. Additionally, tool processes must be validated to ensure consistent performance from run to run.

Proper equipment process validation protocol should include:

  • Proper documentation
  • Component and design verification
  • Electrical connection and supply
  • Utility supply
  • Safety compliance
  • Instrument calibration
  • Environmental verification
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Instrumentation for validation

We Are Serious About Safety and Compliance

At Kinetics, we don’t take these procedures lightly. We go beyond the design and manufacture performance systems that meet customer-unique requirements and comply with industry design qualifications. Kinetics’ field teams also install, calibrate and start up equipment and systems within the client facilities.

After installation, a team of specialists put the systems through rigorous testing and process validation to meet industry standard qualifications for installation, operation, performance and components.

Most importantly, all of this is included in your project plan, so that we are sure to get your facility up and running on time and on budget.

Count on Kinetics

Our specially-trained project engineers, managers, and technicians have installed and qualified critical process systems in over 200 factories in various industries globally. Kinetics has one of the industry’s best on-site safety and quality records, due to our experienced personnel, effective training programs, and optimized operating procedures.

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