Facilities Engineering Services

With the combination of our design experience, BIM capabilities, fabrication facilities, and field installation services, Kinetics provides our clients with the ideal engineering team. Our expert engineers deliver innovative designs with cost effective solutions for upgrading an existing facility or constructing a new one, while placing a strong focus on quality, safety and constructability. Our technical teams are located in critical regions of the world, to provide responsive service to our client’s technical needs. Providing innovative technical solutions that continually exceed industry standards, Kinetics has a longstanding reputation for delivering high quality conceptual designs, detailed feasibility studies and state-of-the-art engineering, which lay the foundation for a successful project. Recognizing the growing demand for sustainable construction practices throughout the industry, our team of LEED®-accredited professionals work with our clients to achieve the most environmentally-responsible building designs possible.

Kinetics’ multi-disciplined design teams can help our clients improve the overall quality, schedule and effectiveness of the design process, through the following activities:

  • Site master planning
  • Project planning, budgeting, & scheduling
  • Site utility planning & surveying
  • Conceptual design
  • Detailed design
  • Supervision & design management

Our global presence allows us to offer a full range of design, engineering and construction services that include:

  • Design-build and turnkey construction services
  • Process & chemical engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical, instrumentation & control engineering
  • Cleanroom design and architecture
  • Construction administration & management
  • Start-up and commissioning
  • On-site facility engineering
  • Chemical and Gas management
  • Design of chemical blending and distribution systems
  • Design of specialty gas and bulk gas distribution systems
  • Design of water and waste distribution systems

The Latest

ENGINEER THE FUTURE: Kinetics translates your vision into progressive facilities

As in many endeavors in life and business, money (budget, in this case) alone is not a predictor of success. This is particularly true in complex production facility upgrades or new projects: Wisdom, discipline and anticipation are more accurate determinants of process efficiency, facility safety and financial return-on-investment.

After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, what remains must flow and adapt to future scenarios as much as possible. This includes alterations in process materials and chemistry; environmental regulations; operator availability and fluency; energy and resource shifts (or even constraints); and competitive activity regionally and globally.

“Paralysis by analysis” is the foe. So is either grounding project engineering in the past, or holding out for greater insight about future trends by delaying completion. Enter Kinetics, the facilities engineering service provider that has proven adept at helping process leaders find the right mix of past, present and future as they plan and execute new, upgraded or reconfigured lines and plants.


Effectively evaluating engineering options takes a database of project work that transcends locations and industries. It also requires knowledge of demanding system categories that carry significant consequences when valves are opened and switches are flipped.

Kinetics’ portfolio comprises industry-attuned credentials that include these five:

  • Cleanroom design and architecture
  • Chemical and gas management
  • Design of chemical blending and distribution systems
  • Design of specialty gas and bulk gas distribution systems
  • Design of water and waste distribution systems


With Kinetics, technical teams engage with project management professionals to give each client a “best of” outcome. This applies from site management all the way through supervision and design management. With representation that stretches from the U.S. to all corners of the world, there is no lack of qualified people to lead and support the journey to completion, whether the project is of lesser or greater scale.

In between start and finish is planning, budgeting and scheduling; utility planning and surveying; conceptual and detailed design; and hundreds of opportunities to align decisions with defined project metrics, standards to which the Kinetics team will be accountable with respect and confidence.


Putting LEED-accredited professionals in the mix is simply one example of understanding the trajectory of energy and environmental concerns. Adhering to relevant ISO standards is another that has major positive implications for project success that extends all the way to helping clients retain employees and manage facility insurance costs.

Exploring the company’s past achievements is critical to making an intelligent choice among facilities engineering providers. As a leading candidate, Kinetics continues to build a reputation for seeing beyond the specifications; understanding the need for responsiveness; and applying a portfolio of learning from other places and times to a current need that foretells future performance.

Learn more online, and then make it a priority to meet members of the Kinetics team. A commitment to wisdom, discipline and anticipation is ready to be put to the test anywhere expectations are high and the challenges are complex. That’s how the future gets engineered. CLICK HERE to read more.