Program Management


Regardless of the industry, large construction projects require professional effort for managing the myriad of project details and coordinating complete program elements. When those construction projects involve building the ultra-pure clean rooms required for semiconductor, solar, pharmaceutical, and biotech manufacturing, those projects details and program elements come with layers of additional complexity.

Clean rooms are controlled environments that maintain a specified level of air particulates and other contaminants. The International Standardization Organization (ISO) prescribes certain requirements for clean room design and construction in its standard, ISO 14644-4. Elements that must be considered for effective contamination control include:

  • Using high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters to remove airborne contaminants and provide fresh air
  • A clean room architecture designed for laminar air flow
  • Instrumentation for the measurement of particle count, airflow, and air velocity, humidity, temperature, and surface cleanliness
  • The use of electrostatic discharge (ESD) protective materials to prevent damage from ESD
  • Proper ventilation combined with makeup air
  • Pressurization to make sure the room’s static pressure is higher than the atmospheric pressure
  • Temperature and humidity control to eliminate static electricity and ensure the comfort and safety of workers

At Kinetics, we specialize in manufacturing these high purity environments for our customers who are engaged in high technology manufacturing. We have fine-tuned our program management protocols to adhere to ISO standards, and hold an ISO 9001 certification globally.

Utilizing effective project scheduling and tracking tools, Kinetics has experienced program managers throughout the world who deliver on the critical requirements for project safety, quality, schedule, and costs. Through routine project reporting procedures, our clients are able to quickly understand the current status of the project and identify solutions for resolving any identified issues.

Kinetics’ Program Management system addresses all critical parameters related to the successful execution of a project, including:

  • Safety performance
  • Schedule
  • Costs & financial tracking
  • Staffing & manpower loading
  • Building models & project drawings
  • Material procurement & shop fabrication
  • Management of sub-contractors
  • Project changes & variation orders

The Latest

When purity is key, efficiency and safety need to follow

Kinetics, with documented global experience down to a subsystem level, is on a very specific mission when it comes to significant construction projects: To elevate performance by securing the 1) purity of the process; 2) efficiency of the new, upgraded or extended facility; all with 3) a foundation of safety attached to personnel, plant and environment.

PURITY would seem to be an obvious attribute of a large-scale project connected to semiconductor, solar, pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturing. In point of fact, complying with ISO 14644-4 standards take an acute awareness of the desired outcomes, including managing construction to verified operational readiness.

Maintaining a specified level of particulates and others contaminants in a real-time HVM environment, takes the theory of a cleanroom to a pragmatic, performance-based level. With far-ranging experience, Kinetics never loses sight of enterprise goals attached to the investment being built out, no matter where in the world it is grounded.

EFFICIENCY in both project management and process activation (once production is in motion) distinguishes the Kinetics approach from a cadre of competitors found scattered across the globe. This includes a unique understanding of cleanroom architecture, HEPA filtration, ESD-protective materials, proper ventilation, and room pressurization.

Include temperature and humidity control, and what could appear to be competing priorities attached to manifold variables need to be reconciled: The human side of high-purity production can’t be an afterthought or “happy coincidence” when overseeing construction of a high-tech facility.

SAFETY might be considered both the beginning and end of any planning connected to quality, scheduling and budget management. In the same way EFFICIENCY isn’t left to chance, safety considerations accompany each and every process step, workflow, and total plant operation.

Kinetics has discovered that the rigor attached to safety is intrinsic to delivery of a production-ready construction project. In large measure, safety needs to be both a moral and fiscal imperative well beyond one workstation, operator or loading dock. Here, alignment with regulations attached to local and regional authorities anticipates the consequences of missteps, however improbable.

Attention to these factors thrives under the banner of well-earned insight. The result is program management with a hybrid methodology that combines a progressive vision with pragmatic execution—all the way from project drawing to staffing to material procurement, and wrapping in the management of subcontractors.

Purity. Efficiency. Safety. Through the journey of project changes and variation orders, they prevail under the watchful eyes of the ISO 9001-certified Kinetics team.

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