Building Information Modeling

Kinetics’ Building Information Modeling (BIM) capabilities utilize 3-D modeling to allow engineers to see the project from every angle, before anything is built. The BIM software enables our teams to coordinate all elements of the project, to resolve potential design conflicts prior to the actual start of the project.

By using BIM, we are able to demonstrate the entire building life cycle and construction process, easily extract material quantities and shared properties, isolate and define scopes of work, and show systems, assemblies, and time sequences–with the entire facility or sub-group of facilities. The BIM process helps us identify and resolve any installation conflicts or issues with installation sequencing. Each of these benefits reduces costs due to re-work, the maximization of pre-fabrication opportunities, and improved labor productivity.

The value of BIM applications translates well to virtually all types of projects including general office space, scientific laboratories, manufacturing facilities and central plants. Our capabilities enable full MEP coordination of all trades. By using standardized software and procedures, we are able to share designs across all disciplines. Immediate conceptual cost estimates are available during the design stage, for fabrication and field installation, allowing us to prioritize and balance construction costs with operational and maintenance costs.