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PROCESS WITH CONFIDENCE: Control and consistency determine quartz tank results.

Quartz tanks are not created equal.  Nor does every model or configuration adapt to specific resist stripping and silicon nitride etching requirements. Under the MEGATHERM brand banner, Kinetics addresses the process needs of high-yield operations with intentional engineering and precision manufacturing.

Take three minutes on this 10-question pop quiz to test your knowledge.

No matter your score, developing a winning approach to utilizing quartz tank technology puts your operation in the upper tier of performance.

Particle-Free Environment

In a recirculating bath, which is important; low contamination or a particle-free environment?

Secondary containment

Secondary containment is provided by a flame-retardant PVC-C containment tank


Each MEGATHERM has redundant safety switches of two types: Name them.

N2 Features

The N2 Liquid level sensor has three features. Select those that are correct

Teflon Materials

TEFLON materials contribute to a safe, clean operating environment.

MEGATHERM and materials

MEGATHERM Nitride Etch selectively etches silicon nitride without affecting what material?

DI water injection system

An automatic DI water injection system maintains what? Select those that are correct.

MEGATHERM elements

MEGATHERM uses direct heating elements.

Redundant safety circuits

How many redundant safety circuits are placed directly on the heater pads?

Kinetics tanks usage

Kinetics quartz tanks are being used where?

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