Kinetic Systems, Inc. Sign International Patent Licensing and Contract Manufacturing Agreement

R4 Ventures LLC / Kinetic Systems, Inc. Sign International Patent Licensing and Contract Manufacturing Agreement

Fremont, CA (PRWEB) January 29, 2015

R4 Ventures LLC / Kinetic Systems Inc sign int’l patent licensing and contract manufacturing agreement covering manufacturing of standard sized skid mounted Multistage Evaporative Cooling Systems and Real Time Individual Electronic Enclosure Cooling Systems (Fan Coil Units)

R4 Ventures LLC (R4V) and Kinetic Systems Inc (Kinetics) have signed an international patent licensing and global contract manufacturing agreement to manufacture R4V’s patented Multistage Evaporative Cooling System (MECS). The MECS, a cooling tower based solution, will consist of standard sized skid mounted system modules serving cooling loads of 600,000 to 4,000,000 btu/hs. These standard sized cooling modules can serve data center IT cooling loads ranging from 200 kW to 1200 kW and Turbine Inlet Cooling (TIC) inlet air cooling loads on 1 to 15 MW natural gas combustion turbine gensets. The MECS is a truly green technology that has no high energy consuming compressors (or refrigerants), saves 40 to 60% on cooling energy costs compared to traditional mechanical refrigeration systems, and reduces green house gas (GHG) emissions.

As part of this agreement, Kinetics will manufacture R4V´s patented Real Time Electronic Enclosure Cooling System (Fan Coil Units or FCUs) in KSI´s global fabrication facilities, which includes worldwide mechanical engineering services and mechanical contracting services. The FCUs are designed to process cool individual data center racks / enclosures with loads of 5kW to over 35 kW in real time. The FCUs eliminate hot aisles and cold aisles, maintain data center white space temperatures to within ± 1°F of the set point temperature, and save 60 to 85% on cooling energy usage/costs compared to traditional data center cooling methods.

The Real Time Data Center Cooling System is created by combining MECS and the FCUs to flexibly meet process cooling loads of varying rack densities in today´s data centers. This system saves 60 to 85% of cooling energy usage/costs by not over sizing traditional comfort cooling systems and recaptures data center “Lost Capacity” due to lack of available cooling, while extending the economic life of a data center.

About R4 Ventures LLC
R4 Ventures LLC (R4V), a Research and Development company, has developed new disruptive commercial and industrial cooling technologies based on the earth´s natural water cycle and eliminates high energy consuming compressors and environmentally hazardous refrigerants. Its Green / Clean-tech patented technologies provide cold water and/or cold air at temperatures close to temperatures generated by traditional mechanical refrigeration systems, such as chillers and central cooling plants. R4V creates superior energy, and environmental, security and human life sustaining (water, nutrition) technologies and solutions, for its licensees, global partners, customers and local, regional, national and global governments through engineering, design, research and, development. R4V facilitates commercialization of innovative technologies and solutions in its industries of expertise in a cost effective, safe, reliable, efficient and environmentally sound manner.

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