FINDING YOUR FLOW: Performance starts with preparation

Improve production performance as you flow with Kinetics’ surface prep.

In life, and that includes painting rooms at home or repairing door dings in your favorite vehicle, surface preparation is key. Without a proper base, wall paints don’t properly adhere, automotive finishes flake and semiconductors fail to meet standards.

As The Process People, Kinetics continues to advance surface preparation by advocating processes built backward from high performance standards. Yield is a significant metric, as is accuracy and in-device functionality. All of which connect with costs and customer satisfaction.

And what is Kinetics’ contribution to elevated yields and above-spec performance? Wet process tools and systems that have landed in fab facilities from the U.S. to China, Taiwan and across Europe. Six goals are attached to each Kinetics platform, with individual measures aggregating to a superior whole:

  • PROCESS EFFICIENCY puts automation where it belongs, balancing hands-on control found in manual, semi-automated and fully automated tools with repeatability across facilities, shifts, and chemistry
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE is a matter both of zooming in on specific wafers and components as well as zooming out to extended, repeated runs as Kinetics solutions are engineered to minimize variables over time
  • RELIABILITY accrues both to tools and processes as well as the finished parts because Kinetics’ engineering is anchored in uptime availability even over long periods where maintenance needs to be artfully scheduled
  • ADAPTABILITY turns capital investment into a more fluid use of resources as market demand is both anticipated and accommodated even with relatively short lead-times and retooling budgets
  • EASY INTEGRATION separates the Kinetics approach from others that favor proprietary technology, processes and controls that struggle to communicate or integrate with existing production platforms as well as planned changes
  • MINIMAL MAINTENANCE connects the dots with uptime availability to make returning to performance metrics a smooth and accelerated process that avoids over-taxing systems or team members

A good example is Kinetics’ AERIS platform that’s fully SEMI standard compliant. Manual, semi-automated and fully automated configurations move wafers between process baths with minimal cycle times and elevated yields. Efficiently handling is part of the reason, as are controls that don’t compromise operator safety. When lower volumes are anticipated, the CELERA platform is optimal for demanding environments as it mirrors the same six sensibilities built into the AERIS platform.

For semi producers who understand the power of preparation and the benefits of flow, Kinetics is a worthy tool option. That applies to existing, expanded or upgraded lines as well as new fabrication installations. As customers across the globe have discovered, performance starts at the front end. And shows up in six important ways.

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