Find the fit; new, custom or refurbished

Dial in performance — and ROI — with a range of options

Semiconductor manufacturing continues to be an industry defined by continuous improvement in all steps of wafer fabrication. Other applications of chemical processing share a similar destiny; surviving and thriving is a matter of adjustment, both in existing and new facilities. Kinetics, with an understanding born from designing, constructing, equipping, and operating facilities around the world, is uniquely qualified to offer an extended range of tools, subsystems, and entire lines.

With this insight and documented results, bridging from new, standard equipment options to custom and refurbished is far from a stretch. It’s one factor that continues to make Kinetics a leading choice globally. Exploring these three categories illuminates the distinct advantages each brings.

STANDARD IS A SOLID STARTING POINT: Not only is the performance of each tool and subsystem definable, the immediate integration of multiple stations is possible. That’s true, regardless of the application — semiconductor, biopharma, advanced packing, MEMS, and more. Surface prep is a good example, where Kinetics Celera platform slots into processes; manual baths, rinsers, cleaners, and other modules become active with minimal effort.

The Aeris platform takes automation seriously to integrate into high volume manufacturing environments, capturing the spectrum from manual to semi-automated and fully automated. With clearer steps to flowing into Kinetics’ other tools and beyond, these platforms put predictability into the mix. Able to make needed adjustments over time to optimize output, they provide a defensible short- to mid-term outlook in a rapidly changing competitive environment.

CUSTOM MAKES AN UPGRADE MEANINGFUL: Even in the same facility, requirements vary across processes, products, and performance goals. In addition, the ability to rise above the confusion — and downward pricing pressure — of commodities is enhanced. For companies with a crystalized view of their KPIs and metrics, the Kinetics’ custom path warrants serious consideration. Without a doubt, lead times and investment levels can be incremental to significant (versus standard tools).

Apart from more proprietary specifications, customization is well-suited to existing facilities that have expensive-to-modify infrastructure including piping, electrical, safety, and control configurations: This is how existing facilities can leapfrog existing limitations without undergoing major construction projects and their inherent risks. Compound semiconductors, medical devices, and biofluidics are three applications where upgrades are mission critical, and downtime is to be avoided.

REFURBISHED CAPTURES LATENT — AND RESURGENT — DEMAND: Across a plethora of applications, 200mm wafer fabs are far from outmoded. Much of this is attached to the Internet of Things (IoT) that favors compact, wearable devices. Beyond new systems, existing ‘legacy’ systems are big sources of revenue and are one example of wise deployment of refurbished tools. Rebuilt and tuned for emerging devices along with replacement of existing products, the Kinetics’ options bring proven potential to operations across the globe.

In parallel fashion, 300mm tools spark a demand for the company’s ability to field refurbished equipment that’s compliant with Kinetics’ unyielding standards. Depending upon availability both 200mm and 300mm, tools can merge smoothly into capital budgets and production plans at performance levels that make cost justification an exercise in confirmation — instead of consternation.

Kinetics stands ready to help companies explore the new, custom, and refurbished options in chemical process tools. And that includes those applicable to PV solar and data storage-relevant products. By working through the three paths, there’s no longer any reason to step away from continuous improvement — the sort that keeps competitive advantages at the fore. Learn more simply by clicking HERE.