Fabrication is more than the sum of the parts made

Imagine an advanced technology facility cobbled together from a fragmented set of requirements, disparate manufacturers, and operational controls linked more by aspirations than specifications. Now step into the world fabricated by Kinetics, one where design and manufacturing experiences translates to improved efficiency, along with enhanced safety.

This is true across manufacturing categories, where chemicals, slurries, gases and ultra-pure water are essential to semiconductor, solar, LED and other precision processes. Kinetics’ well-earned reputation as “The Process People” emanates from an end-to-end understanding applied to individual components.

OVERARCHING VISION is, then, attached to even the smallest, discrete step in the entire manufacturing flow. This informed view isn’t common, nor is it requisite for an allied fabricator to claim part, component or system acumen: Confidence that is assumed often has little correlation with competence delivered.

The central question a plant manager or process engineer needs to ask: Is the vendor I’m considering a company with documented global experience that’s directly connected to the operation I’m endeavoring to create, or is their attachment to our industry more of a coincidence (or a move to expand into unfamiliar territory)?

INTEGRATION-BASED THINKING translates vision into a series of interlinked process stages and steps. Even if the purchase order calls for an isolated component, an understanding of the industry’s desired outcomes is paramount. In other words, without knowledge about total manufacturing, even a small part has the potential to erode hard-won efficiency.

Perhaps more importantly, compromising the integrity of a process has negative impact far beyond financial ramifications to the health and safety of all concerned. Kinetics advances a level of practical paranoia by looking backward and forward from any particular need, with attention to all that’s attached to a fitting, pipe run or sensor.

TOTAL IN-HOUSE CONTROL exerts an undeniable influence on everything coming out of a Kinetics fabrication facility. The pursuit of higher standards manifests itself in a build-the-tools-first philosophy that embraces accountability at the most foundational level: Without relentless in-shop control, in-plant operation is less successful.

Designers electronically transfer isometric drawings to the Kinetics shop, review details, and then sequence project release dates along with work package completion dates. The flow is intentional, the results predictable—all to satisfying on-site requirements of semiconductor, solar, LED and other precision processes.

Success can be assembled to the requirements of each facility’s managers—but only when an overarching vision, integration-based thinking, and total in-house control are mobilized through custom fabrication. Kinetics, with a global fabrication footprint, is both ready and capable of supporting in-plant results, with the highest probability of success. CLICK HERE to learn more.