MEGA® SA200: Particle Monitoring.

The MEGA® SA200 Particle Analysis System (including PMS 5200 and PCMB) enables stationary or mobile analysis of particle size and/or distribution. The systems include dilution control and flushing mechanisms to maintain uptime and accuracy. The flushing functions support either DI or chemical flushing media. Configuration is possible with a single or two laser sensors. Stationary systems can be configured to output to a dedicated PC or to the integrated IPC in an SBD tool.


A dedicated Large Particle Sizing (LPC) system is also available, providing size, quantity and distribution of all process streams without the need for dilution. As an LPC device, it provides accurate readings for particles as small as 1 micron.

  • Raw material, batch-to-batch variations
  • Filter performance
  • Long-term batch deterioration
  • other operating parameters

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