MEGA® Flow M: Continuous raw slurry feed.

The MEGA® Flow M slurry distribution system feeds raw slurry to a MEGA® Slurry Mixing and Distribution System (SBD). The distribution system is configured to continuously circulate raw slurry from two drums to and from the SBD system.


At least one drum must be online for the system to operate in automatic mode. The first drum activated from the host's SBD control screen is brought online. The second activated drum is placed in the standby state.


The MEGA® Flow M system status is displayed in the drum panel overview screen on the host's SBD control screen. When a drum is brought online, the contents are returned to the SBD system and back for a user defined initial agitation time.


If a drum is online and the empty sensor does not detect liquid for a user-defined time, a drum empty alarm is generated and the drum is deactivated. If another drum is on standby when a drum is deactivated, or if a drum is currently online, the drum in standby mode will be brought online. This process continues, going through two/four available drums.

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