Above and beyond: aeris semi-automated wet bench features exceed and excel

By intent and with a focus on processes using two or more processing tanks, Kinetics’ semi-automated wet benches are designed for repeatability and volume. With a transfer system set in either a front-to-back or left-to-right linear configuration, single tasking is only the beginning. These ten features alone, drawn from a list of over thirty standard and optional features, warrant serious consideration for new or retrofit applications.

  • The wet stations are in compliance with most federally recognized standards.
  • GE 9030 series PLC with:
    • Full PID loop and safety interlocks
    • All motion-control functions including adjustable speed control and multiple positioning
    • Multi-level password protection (operator, engineering, maintenance)
    • Limited data logging and data publishing to local network
  • Linear motion system
  • GE view station CE with 10″ color touch screen interface and CE based software
  • 24″, 36″, 48″, 72″, and 96″ shell lengths
  • Polypropylene or 304 stainless-steel construction materials
  • Semi S2 EPO (emergency power off) mushroom switch and circuitry
  • Photohelic exhaust monitor with audio/visual alarms interlocked with EPO
  • Plenum liquid level sensor with audio/visual alarms interlocked with EPO
  • Main N2 and CDA pressure interlock with audio/visual alarms interlocked with EPO

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