KESG is now a market leader for sub-fab, equipment-chemicals, slurry and spec gas. KESG provides high- purity installation of all bulk gas supply systems. This includes piping for vessels, pipe bridges, gas purifiers, pressure regulating stations and filter racks; loop, single lines, and hook-ups of all ancillary gas system equipment. In particular, KESG focuses on 5 markets consisting of data storage, life science and medical devices, semiconductors, solar and energy storage, and emerging technologies. Some of these equipment solutions include capabilities to design & manufacture innovative standard & configurable chemical equipment solutions with exceptional customer service to meet our client’s specific application needs.

KESG offers both automated and manual chemical process systems for surface prep & ECD and dispenses, transfers, and blends systems for aqueous, solvents, slurry, and spec gas. With over 45 years of experience, Kinetics can provide direct or completely engineered turnkey solutions.

The Story:

Kinetics Equipment Solutions Group or KESG is a turnkey equipment and facility management provider with over 30 years’ experience.  A pioneer in the semiconductor mechanical contracting field, KESG is constantly looking for ways to expand their expertise in order to provide the best quality for our customers.

One of the strongest foundations of KESG is our facility management team which is critical to the success of the facilities we oversee across the globe. With our staff of over 500, KESG currently manages 22 facilities of some of the world’s largest manufacturers. KESG leverages all the employees within these facilities to better understand how these fabs operate and then uses that knowledge to structure their approach in building a successful facility. The dexterity and high level of responsibility that goes into this step of the turnkey process allows KESG’s facility management team (FMT) to truly separate itself from its competition. The team’s ability to ensure that everything runs smoothly within the facility is essential to having a strong FMT.

With the development of technology like Kinetics’ No-Touch HMI, KESG is able to bring a high level of safety to facilities. Kinetics has raised the bar with developing new technology and is committed to providing safe working conditions and injury free operations for its employees, clients and subcontractors. In addition to prioritizing the security of all employees, the FMT operates and maintains all gas, chemical and slurry delivery systems. Everything from site design and procuring, installing and operating state-of-the art process equipment, to managing the storage and delivery of specialty chemistries and volatile gasses, is part of the equation.

Ambitious to support the ever-growing needs of our customers Kinetics acquired WAFAB International in 2017, a company recognized for its new and refurbished wet benches for processing chemicals and etching wafers. With the addition of WAFAB, Kinetics’ offerings extend from the sub-fab through the cleanroom, and from process development through high-volume manufacturing.

Continuing our growth, and to enhance our services as a turnkey provider Kinetics acquired MEGA Fluid Systems in 2018.  Originally founded by Kinetics in 1990, MEGA provides world class engineering and extensive experience in chemical and slurry delivery equipment.  MEGA’s mission, to be a trusted industry supplier of high-performance blend and delivery systems in semiconductor, solar, and emerging manufacturing applications, helps bolster the mission of the Kinetics team.