Environmental Awareness

Kinetics is a company that exercises the highest degree of ethical standards. We take personal responsibility for our actions and treat our environment with respect. Maintaining a balance between our professional endeavors and the environment is something close to our hearts.

Customers of Kinetics can rest assured that not only will we deliver the quality they deserve but we will do so with an environmentally conscious mind. Along with our ISO 9001 certificates Kinetics holds ISO 14001 certificates. ISO 14000 is a family of standards related to environmental management that exists to help organizations minimize how their operations negatively affect the environment. Essentially it certifies compliance with applicable environmental laws, regulations and requirements; and that we will continually improve in these areas.

ISO 14001 CERT


Recently Infineon, a longtime customer of Kinetics, published an article on our use of electric vehicles for our facility management services. The below article is specifically about Infineon’s site in Germany.

New Vehicles in the Electric Fleet

Typical for vehicles of its kind, the car glides over the asphalt very quietly. Electromobility is thus constantly on the road to success. The new tugboat has been on the Infineon site for a few months now.

Kinetics regularly sets new environmental goals. This year, the old van should be replaced by an environmentally, friendly model. The replacement of the VW Caddy will immediately release less CO2 at the site. Therefore, the air is no longer burdened by the diesel engine of its predecessor. Additionally, the reduction of the noise is a big advantage of the electric vehicle.

Kinetics has been using electric forklifts for several years now; adding the Linde tug as the latest electric vehicle. This model offers numerous possibilities; it’s also being used at airports. The tractor pulls up to 25 tons of towing capacity. Its two 10 kW three-phase traction motors accelerate it to 25 km/h. Considering the speed regulation in the location, this is entirely appropriate for its use.

Manfred Jackermeier speaks to his colleagues in the new electric tugboat.

“The tugboat is fully utilized,” reports Manfred Jackermeier, site manager of Kinetics Regensburg. He can be proud of the new purchase. With the electric vehicle, for example, the orange troughs in the “wastewater system 27” can be collected much easier. Since the new hall 17W, there is no need for a truck; the agile tug is all that is needed. In addition to the trough change, it is also used to collect residual waste. The loading area also offers enough space for small transport runs. Kinetics innovation with the goals of emission reduction, additional use and full-time utilization of vehicles/tools lead to satisfied customers.