Mission Statement

We are an agile, global, innovative process and mechanical solutions provider dedicated to delivering value through quality and safety with integrity, teamwork, and dependability.


  • Safety 
    Maintain uncompromised safety standards at work and in our everyday lives
  • Quality
    Provide innovative quality products and services, employing best known methods, while striving for continuous improvement
  • Integrity
    Exercise the highest ethical standards. Take personal responsibility for our actions and treat everyone with trust and respect
  • Teamwork 
    Continually learn and share ideas and knowledge, and promote collaborative efforts across all internal and external aspects of our business
  • Dependability 
    Take ownership to meet our commitments to our customers and employees
  • Social Responsibility 
    Maintain a balance between our professional endeavors, family lives, communities, and the environment


Code of Conduct

“Kinetics’ core values are embodied in its Global Code of Conduct. Kinetics’ management places a high premium on ethical behavior, as we believe that our employees’ and our business partners’ commitment to ethical behavior is critical to Kinetics’ continued success. We hold ourselves and our business partners accountable for high standards of conduct on each project we perform. The Global Code of Conduct sets forth our expectation that Kinetics, through its management, employees and business partners, conducts business honestly, with integrity and in strict compliance with the law. In addition, the Global Code of Conduct provides guidelines for making ethical decisions and utilizing good judgment for all of our employees and business partners. Kinetics encourages employees and business partners to ask questions and report violations to Kinetics’ management.” – Peter Maris, CEO

Global Code of Conduct
Anti-Corruption Policy
Anti-trust and Competition Guidelines
Export and Trade Compliance Policy