Win wafer processing, one step at a time

Plan your upgrade path, with powerful choices at every turn.

Few manufacturing processes take those who embark upon them to such lengths—and depths—as wafer processing. As a consequence, the number of variables threatens to become overwhelming, or push producers toward making decisions about what needs to be assumed versus pursued.

Kinetics, with a world of experience in the industry, transforms complexity into a series of meaningful choices. Through the end-to-end process, even well-established facilities are given new freedom to maintain or raise standards, manage costs and optimize output.

While the company offers comprehensive design, planning and construction services, the components intrinsic to ongoing operation are offered as an array of choices. All move through Kinetics’ Livermore, California operations base, where 28,000 sq. ft. is devoted to specialized manufacturing fabrication, validation and logistics support.

Step by step, the growing product line continues to evolve as production requirements rise, environmental and safety requirements become more stringent, and the economics of wafer processing tighten. Across all 12 current categories, five criteria apply.

  • Criteria No. 1: SAFETYProtecting people, facilities, surrounding environments and wafers is beyond optional. Controls and displays keep operators in touch with conditions and process steps, as do relevant warning and emergency shut-off systems. Recirculating baths are representative of the care Kinetics takes to ensure structural integrity in HF, BOE and KOH applications.
  • Criteria No. 2: DURABILITY 

    For example, MEGATHERM™ High Temperature Quartz Baths confront the powerful chemistry attached to resist stripping, RCA cleans and silicon nitride etches. Ditto for immersion pumps that are designed to be trouble-free across thousands of cycles and an evolving lineup of operators. And products including work tables must hold up their end of the bargain in the months and years ahead.

  • Criteria No. 3: CONTROL 

    WHRVTM and WHOTM Temperature Controlled Circulators showcase Kinetics’ relentless pursuit of precision. Here, temperature stability and uniformity are well beyond the realm of average, whether heater or chiller is required. Regardless of whether the equipment module requires constant or periodic monitoring, control needs to be accommodated starting at the product design stage.

  • Criteria No. 4: CYCLE TIMES 

    MicroKleen™ Quick Dump Rinsers epitomize the Kinetics view of cycle times. Not only are process intervals of paramount concern, the cleaning and maintenance cycles of even passive systems such as glove boxes and bottle carts are given serious consideration. This is one place where HVM is advanced—or compromised.

  • Criteria No. 5: TASK-SPECIFIC 

    Even when a process or chemistry is likely to be adjusted or altered, the task at hand generally remains more stable. Kinetics’ experience with dozens of wafer foundries around the world informs this view: Specialty products need to be discrete enough to perform needed functions without abandoning future capability.

No matter which stage and step warrants an investment in updated, upgraded performance, these five criteria guide the Kinetics team in building, installing and servicing wafer facility support equipment. As a world of successful clients demonstrates, the company is the top selection among progressive manufacturers. Click HERE to learn more.